Leading Architects

Our practice has, for some time, been re-assessing the potential impact we as designers have on the environment and have recognized the need to implement sustainable design principles in our designs. These principles promote the use of the following, where appropriate:

  • Recycled materials
  • Materials that can easily be recycled after economical use in buildings
  • Materials with high insulative properties that reduces the need for mechanical heating and cooling
  • Correct orientation and massing of buildings to promote natural heating and cooling of spaces to form a comfortable environment.
  • Optimization of daylight to reduce the use of electrical lighting during the day.
  • Use of solar, wind, or other alternative power for heating of water, running of electrical appliances etc.
  • Catchment of rain and storm water for use and recycling of water
  • Implementing water-wise landscapes
  • Appliances that are energy efficient

These principles reduce the need for generating electricity, thereby limiting greenhouse gasses and also reduce the demand for water. It results in a built environment that is more in harmony with nature and reduces the impact on our environment.

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